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Why is my dog pooping and peeing in the house

Dogs have many complex and gross pooping rituals that are difficult for us humans to understand.

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The inarguably worst dog pooping behavior is when they poop indoors. Why would they do this to you? How old is your dog?

Peeing or pooping in the house

If she's a puppy, she may simply not be housebroken yet. Young dogs having accidents indoors is common, and while annoying, it's nothing to worry about. How recently did you adopt your dog? If you recently adopted an adult dogshe's likely somewhat stressed and not accustomed red headed slut drink image her new bathroom schedule yet.

In time, she'll learn the new routine.

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Did this happen out of the blue? If your dog has always been house-trained and only recently started pooping indoors, even after going outside to use the bathroom, several factors may be at play. Your dog may be experiencing a medical issue, so it's always wise to call the vet before trying anything else.