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Wanna fuck my mom

Ask Your Question today.

Do you wanna fuck your Mommy?

The results are skewed, think about it who is likely to have come looking for this question or page? Who is mom to decide what fuck right and wrong for someone else? If our stupid gov' had any brains they wouldn't try and hide it in the dark light. My favorite example is Holland and their mom on canabliss and prostitution.

My take is mom its normal for many, both guys and girls, inbreeding will not immediately result in deformed children, and how many of us want to have a wanna href="">wanna see my dick with our parents?

How do i get my mom to have sex with me?

In this day and age we have many forms of contraception, if both are willing, fuck the problem besides what other ignorant selfish people think? Fine nothing wrong about that, up until you start making decisions for her - like purposely getting her so drunk she passes out, or drugging or wanna.

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That line I choose not to cross, simply because of the repercussions - sick I know. I fuck my mom when she was drunk as fuck once. She and my dad don't have sex wanna, so I guess she was really horny.

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If she is drunk and horny, she will fuck you if you ask. Afterwards, she remembered it, but was pretty chill about it.