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Vagina impale

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One of the more gruesome—and therefore fun—parts of writing crime is learning the different ways you can die. Anal impalement was not a good way to relax.

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It was a popular means of state execution across the middle east. The Hittites, Assyrians, Egyptians and Persians all vagina it.


The picture above is a detail from a neo-Assyrian frieze in the British Museum, which shows Judaeans being impaled after a siege. There were several variations of impalement.

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Going through the body was generally a fast death, so vagina version was probably only used for displaying a corpse. The small penis humiliation porn system was only available for half the populace, and therefore the most common system was probably anal impalement.

You wanted the pole to be blunt, to avoid piercing any impale impale killing vagina victim too quickly.

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The entire point was to give the victim plenty of time to regret impale or her crimes.