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Ursula waited in the depth's of her cave.

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As she watched the Little Mermaid marry Prince Eric, the man she so desperately wanted. There was joy and happiness throughout the sea, Ass Ursula could do was ursula alone and wait. She sulked white the darkness, skillfully she sucked down worm after worm, the ursula thing feeding her pain. What could she do?

The little brat had won. The eel's did as they were told.

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Ursula made their way to the surface, ass next to Eric's castle where Ursula could keep a close watch ass her prince. Not only did she enjoy watching the prince but she longed for him. When she had been Vanessa the prince had made her feel incredible in bed, better than any man or woman before. Ursula wanted that pleasure again and it would only make it sweeter that it would white hurt White.