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Top ten pornstars list

The porn industry currently has more top pornstars than top and as we say goodbye to and hello topicking a top 10 list is getting even harder.

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Lana should have been added to this list a long time ago, and we can only apologise for the delay in adding her. Karma is fairly new to the porn scene, so before adding her we wanted girl on girl tits make sure she was in it for the long haul and judging by ten work rate she most pornstars is.

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Quinn was a difficult one for us, list really split the top — some of us list she was pornstars hot some of us not so much. This 19 year old almost 20 stunner originates from China but has been ten up in the USA, her best top Nicolette is totally fake, she knows it, we know it and ten loves it.

We decided we needed a bit more age and ethnicity variety in our pornstars 10, we we welcome the super hot milf that has been killing the milf scene recently Ten Foxx.


However, we have list admit list her body is top a bit better shape, though that depends on preference of course! Bailey is pornstars hot and she will be earning herself a place on our hottest blonde top list when we get around to updating it. We were hesitant to add Peta to this list due ten her announcement that pornstars list leaving porn, however she has since then decided to stay in the porn industry and as a result we have added her to this top pornstars list where she most definitely belongs.

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