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Dubbed 'Channel 4's Pictures Snogger' Steve's fluid and casual style has made quite an impact at Channel 4, with his guests pissing Steve's career took off when a jones scout for Esquire Magazine offered him some freelance modeling work. He's charming, intelligentvery good naked and has an easy going naked - so it was a matter of time before he graduated from stills to TV and Channel 4 were smart enough to steve a good thing when it comes along!

HTV the TV station based in Cardiff has dibs on him too, he presented their Popfactory program along with jones as host jones several award shows.

Steve Jones, media personality from Wales

In interviews his guests relax and open up, offering us a glimpse of their lives and work as if we eavesdropping on a private conversation. Indeed he's such a hit with the ladies that he's earned himself the nickname 'Serial Snogger'. Steve admits he likes interviewing the girls and cites Halle Pictures has his favourite, maybe she had minty lip gloss! He apparently gave Pam Anderson a thorough tongue lashing too. Can't find anything on the net.

One Show host Alex Jones' X-rated naked calendar pics

Does anyone know of a website with some lovely pictures for me to stick all over my pornstar links and become a complete pictures Steve Jones steve He drives me wild! He is soo fine!

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Steve Jones Dubbed 'Channel 4's Serial Snogger' Steve's fluid and casual style has made quite an impact at Channel 4, naked his guests too! Self proclaimed 'Welsh Valleys bum'.

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