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After a summer spent in the sun, she noticed a strange-looking mole on her shoulder. Since she'd just read an article about how more people in their teens and twenties are getting skin cancer, she decided to get the mole checked out. Kristin made a doctor's appointment, but continued to worry young the days before the exam.

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What if it was cancer? Why hadn't she been more sensible about the sun? Fortunately, her mole was not cancerous.

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Her doctor reassured her that she'd done the right thing by having it checked — skin tube is a lot easier to treat if it's caught early. Although there are several different types of skin cancer, most don't become life-threatening because they aren't likely to spread to other parts of the body.

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Unfortunately, melanoma is different. If it's not caught early, melanoma can spread from the skin to other organs — often with deadly results.

If there's any good news about melanoma, it's this: You have the power to greatly lower teens risk of getting it.