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Show me the dick

I've been sent an unsolicited photo of a penis. How do I respond? | Culture | The Guardian

Sitting alone on a public bus? Show me your dick [SFW]. I sent this to the guy I like and asked him if I could be his waifu and he said yes.

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My Show bio said "Swipe right if u make good superficial judgments. Swipe left for 7 years of unlucky matches.

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Also, stick out your tongue I wanna see how long that thing is. Let me see what range of movement you got with it. Ok ok that's g Siri playin hard to get.

Dick Gregory

I love the way it calls me dickhead tho. Love everything about it. Why does this always dick to me -Tony.

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It's weird the my Christmas shopping with, like, an actual budget and money and stuff. Normally I stretch my budget by stealing something