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Shingles on the penis

We report two cases of unusual penile clinical presentations of varicella zoster shingles infection in immunocompetent men.

Penis Rash From Shingles? It Happens

The patients presented with grouped clusters of vesicles and erythema on the left side of penile shaft and posterior aspect penis the left thigh and shingles, involving s2-s4 dermatomes.

The lesions resolved quickly upon administration of oral antiviral therapy. Penile herpes zoster should not grage door weather strip overlooked in patients with unilateral vesicular rash. Two immunocompetent patients referred to venereology department of institute for skin diseases, complaining on vesicular penile rash.

Shingles rash on penis

A year-old man presented with rash in the groin which appeared five days before referral. The patient denied any constitutional symptoms as well as yellowbone women nude symptoms of pain or burning but did report itching in the affected area. Physical examination showed herpetic clusters penis hemorrhagic vesicles and pustules shingles an erythematous base distributed on the left side of penile shaft the posterior aspect of the left thigh figures 1 and 2.

Hematological, biochemical and urine analysis were within normal limits. A 7-day course of acyclovir mg five times a day was initiated.

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The second patient, a year-old man presented with vesicular rash in the groin that developed approximately one week the he sought medical attention. The lesions were accompanied with severe penis along the s2-s4 dermatomes without constitutional symptoms of fever, headache or malaise. Physical examination showed clusters of blisters on an erythematous base mostly filled with hemorrhagic fluid, distributed on the penile shaft the left buttock figures 3 and 4without regional lymphadenopathy.

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He denied any urinary symptoms.