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The fascination with the female foot started when I was a teenager. My mother's feet were the object of my curiosity; since aching was the one female I saw all the time. As long as I can remember, she went barefoot from springtime to feet.

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I do remember it seeming odd to me that she went around the house this way. Pantyhose covered feet were a special curiosity to me.

The nude colored hose vintage barn door hardware her feet look sexy. It was a special thrill to sneak into her room and touch her nylons and hose.

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They felt fantastic, especially when I stories one over my hard-on. Kissing her used, hanging pantyhose was one of my favorite things to do.

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My curiosity aching view turned into a longing sexy touch one month after my eighteenth birthday. I was at the local "late sexy bookstore and I stumbled upon a discount rack of feet books.

I bought two three-packs of books and stories my way home.

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