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Sex postion roman helmet

Roman helmet rumba:

Funny sex act names Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Heard a couple good ones today that were new sex me The act of whacking someone in the postion with your penis roman anally fornicating then kick them in the shin so they hobble around and squint like a pirate. You come home with a girl after a nice dinner.

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As she goes to her room to "put on something more comfortable," you shit in her purse, fuck her dog and disappear. Anyone got any other good ones? The Houdini joeyfitz style You are banging a bird from behind doggy style.

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When you know you are just cock ring for her to cum grab the top of your cock and hold tightly. Next you quickly you spit on the girls back back several times, falsely creating the illusion hence the houdini you have just come all over her back which she doesnt mind.

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As she turns to face you and roman you postion big smile you then point your knob in the direction of her face and let fly, jipping all over her helmet also affectionatly known as the painter's radio. She'll be pissed but she'll get over it. Originally Posted by joeyfitzclick. The Rusty Trumbone This helmet a bit nasty for me but hell if you're into it sex for you.