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Whatever you may have called them when you were a little kid, in see family or among your boys your 'privates' have got other names used by doctors and other medical professionals.

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You will probably have to talk free nude catfight videos what's 'down there' at some stage so let's be sure of their official names, penis say pee-nisscrotum say sk-row-tum and testicles say test-ick-ulz.

This area of the body has lots of nerve endings, which make it very sensitive. There are no protecting bones around here so this area can be easily hurt.

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The boys are two soft lumps in the scrotum where sperm are made. Testes means two of them, and testis is one. The testes get larger at puberty.

Is My Penis Normal?

Some boys have larger testes than others, but it does not matter how large the testes are, they will still make a lot of sperm. Often one see will be a little larger that the other, or hang lower dick the other. This is normal - it does not affect the health of the testis.

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When you get cold - maybe going for dick swim in cold water your testes may move up into lower abdomen - and then move back again when you get warm again.