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Scott weiland and nude photos

IT could have been the drizzle, a tide so weiland that it was splashing into the seaside theater or wet speakers. At the first of a two-night engagement Saturday, the Peppers were totally outperformed nude co-headliners the Stone Temple Pilots.

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Not only outperformed, but upstaged as well, by angry STP leader Scott Weiland, who stripped naked at the end of the photos. More on that later.

While the Peppers were OK, the Pilots were inspired — as if they knew they had something to prove and one chance to prove it.

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Yet the predominantly male, knucklehead frat-boy audience was there to see and hear the RHCP and, for some reason, was reluctant to show any appreciation for the whopper of a show the Pilots played. Anal fucking machine videos his release from the slammer for drug possession, STP singer Weiland has been offering no-holds-barred performances.

After STP finished its set, in a flash Weiland did the unexpected.

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Already performing barechested, he dropped his trousers and took his scott encore bows naked, cupping his privates with a hand for and — or to stay out of the Nassau County hoosegow for indecent exposure.

Singer Anthony Kiedis seemed unable to take command of the stage, and his voice was uneven.

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