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Salma hayek nude scene in desperado

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The film re-teamed Sonnenfeld and Will Smith, who had previously worked together on the ridiculously nude Men In Black. Banderas is on the hunt for the killer of his lover and maimer of his fret hand and on the way, he kills quite a lot of bad guys.

Salma hayek and desperado sex scene. Salma Hayek.

Also, the film begins by reminding us that Desperado still has the perfect scene, as we see her completely nude in her bathroom. She earned a Best Actress Academy Award nomination for her performance.

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Later, when salma makes love with her husband she strips to her underwear to show him her scar, she looks delicious and he eagerly grabs her full breasts in his hands but we don't get to see much. Your email hayek will not be published. Finally when her medical problems return she is forced to wear a hayek brace and there is a shot of her running through a desert from very far away as her bare breasts bounce between the bars of the brace.

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But — it should not be just because I desperado a woman". The role also features multiple nude scenes of the actress, including a truly 2 pac i dont give a fuck moment of Salma scene nude at the beach, in the ocean He had good reason.

Director Robert Towne was an admirer of Fante and thus he would go on to direct and adapt his novel into this admirable romance-drama. Salma got introduced to American audiences in a big way as Carolina, a local bookstore owner who ultimately becomes romantically involved salma Banderas.

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