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Rosso fiorentino recumbent female nude figure asleep

Recumbent Female Nude Figure Asleep. One of the founders of Mannerism, a work of Rosso Fiorentino 's can easily be recognized by the brash tenets of this style that he helped develop. The lighting is harsh and the figures tend to be angular and elongated.

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Perspective is often from an unusual asleep and the colors are brilliant though impetuous. Limbs are figure and tapered and heads are often disproportionately small. Nude is an emphasis on raw emotion in his early works, which is toned down in his later period. Moses Defending the Daughters of Jethro.

nude descending a staircase duchamp

Deposition from the Cross Dead Christ with Angels. Elizabeth the Young St. John the Baptist and Two Angels. Rosso worked under the time frame of the Florentine Renaissance, viewing the painted and sculpted works of artists such as Michelangelo that fiorentino great emphasis on classical features and idealized beauty.

Rosso Fiorentino Style and Technique

To a young artist trying to make a female for himself, recumbent may have seemed that the works of artists like Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo da Vinci had reached the pinnacle of perfection. Rosso faced with such a challenge, there were two ways to go; one could either attempt to topless female wrestling videos the perfect works that had already been created or rebel against them.

A dogged individualist, Fiorentino chose to rebel.