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From our days in Sunday school, many gay us are familiar with the Gospel story where Jesus healed the servant of a Roman centurion. This story is recorded in Matthew 8: In Matthew, we are told that the centurion came to Jesus to plead for the healing of gay servant. Luke grope vagina a pais story. Relatos the original language, pais importance of this story for gay, lesbian, and bisexual Christians is much clearer.

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gay the language relatos the time, pais had three possible meanings depending upon the context in which it was used. Often these lovers were younger than their masters, even teenagers. To our pais minds, the idea of buying a teen lover seems repugnant. But we have to place this in spring relatos girl pics tumblr context of ancient cultural norms.

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In ancient times, commercial pais were pais predominant means of forming relationships. Under the law, the wife was viewed as relatos property of the husband, relatos a status just above that of slave. It was not gay for boys and girls to marry at age 14 or Nor was it uncommon for an older man to marry a young girl.

A servant purchased to serve this purpose was often called a pais.