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Erotic has always been fascinated by the surface world, but mermaids are forbidden to ever have contact with humans. - Erotic Fairy Tales: The Little Match Girl - Chapter #2 Page #1

One day, manga finds a handsome young man adrift in a shipwreck and takes him to shore. More obsessed with the surface than ever, Lotte jumps at the chance to become human when a demon named J offers her read magic potion.

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But there's more to J's potion—and his intentions—than meets the eye Your bookmark updates can also be found here. The Little Mermaid Manga. The series 'Erotic Fairy Tales: Volume [Null] Chapter - ch.

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Read Online Jan 2, Volume 18 Chapter 35 - 36 vol. Volume 17 Chapter 34 vol.

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Volume 16 Chapter 31 - 33 vol. Volume 15 Chapter 29 online 30 vol. Volume 14 Chapter 27 - 28 vol.