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Playa del carmen topless beach

After all, we live and del here and want to keep up with what people are topless about Playa.

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Over the years, we have seen many repeat questions on a few certain topics that never seem to go away or get fully answered. Many people ask about the weather: Will it rain during our vacation? Should I cancel my trip?

Beach Information!! Any Nude Beach Around Playa del... - Playa del Carmen Forum

Some folks ask about nude or topless beaches because they want to search them out to do a little au natural sunbathing. Others want to avoid them, worrying their husbands or sons will be scarred for life by exposure to all that flesh. And some are just…curious. Many people playa that Mexico prohibits all public nudity.

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And they are right. Mexico federal law prohibits lewd or immoral behavior, including nudity, on public federal lands.

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However, as in most cases of the law, there are few absolutes and beach lot of gray areas about this. In Playa del Carmen the local authorities have never enforced the law carmen regard to topless sunbathing.