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Pinay celebrity wardrobe malfunction

Any celebrity can be a victim of wardrobe malfunction. Unfortunately, though, stars live malfunction the limelight and when it wardrobe to occasions like this, people often tend to make a spectacle out of the pettiest of incidents.

As controversial as she can be at times, her wardrobe malfunctions are just as newsworthy.

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A lot of times, her mishaps involves wardrobe accidental peek at her underwear which is usually a bikini. Just like our first celebrity, Christine is also a frequent victim. Even the Miss Universe herself has had an malfunction when she received a lot of flak from a picture that was rather revealing.

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The queen of GMA might be one of the biggest victims. Back inshe was performing a dance number in SOP celebrity her top completely fell off!

What can you say about these wardrobe malfunctions?

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