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Photo of anal cancer lump

Anal cancer is a rare malignant tumour which grows in or around the anus. Most anal cancers grow within the mucosa of the anal canal.

Difference between anal cancer and hemorrhoids?

This lies between the rectum and the anal verge. Other perianal cancers grow on the photo outside of the anal verge. Most anal cancers are classified as squamous cell carcinoma SCC. There are two types:.

Anal adenocarcinoma is a rare form of anal cancer.

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It grows from glandular cells at the junction of cancer anal canal and the rectum—the transitional zone. Other forms of anal cancer include basal cell carcinomalymphomasarcoma, mucosal melanomaextramammary Paget disease. Anal squamous cell cancer occurs in both men and women.

It is slightly more common in women than in men, but is rare in both sexes, with lump annual incidence of 1 inpeople. The risk anal anal cancer is greater in the following groups of patients:.

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