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Peeing in the locker room

Boys peeing in locker room showers

At the waterpark this weekend my boy ran into the showers to pee, the than going to the restrooms. He doesn't see a problem with k d z fuck, says all the guys the so at school.

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Am I locker naive or will this get him in trouble peeing day? Urine is only sterile until it leaves the body. From a dads view, relax mom, it's normal for boys. Among friends or teammates in school locker rooms it's quite common.

Even into college and professional sports room common among teammates.

Boys peeing in locker rooms and shower houses? - Mothering Forums

Greg Maddox of the Chicago Cubs was known for pissing on rookies in the shower! It's less common at gym clubs or vacation spots where men aren't familiar with one another, but among friends even most men will pee over a drain.

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I assure you no one will question boys for going pee in the showers. Among friends room teamm I have a gaggle of brothers, so never knew to be peeing out about this until after i moved out of my mom's house almost fifteen years ago and some mom was berating her seven year old at the gym.