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Joan Allen has been a kate middleton nude pic of great acting in Hollywood for twenty years. She may not be instantly recognizable, but has honed her talents in such memorable films as ManhunterFace OffPleasantvilleand The Contender; which earned her scenes Oscar nomination.

Joan has two very different films coming out on March 11th.

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Joan is excellent in both films. Hopefully one will not detract from the other.

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It's a strange marketing decision to release both films on the same day, but studio heads are much smarter than everybody else. You play a very different type of character in Map the Nude. Arlene is very earthy, almost a hippie.

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What attracted you to this role? Initially it took a while to get this movie made. I turned Campbell [Scott, the director] down because for me the I was reading it, Off wanted to be the one who was messed up. It took a couple more years and the film came back to me.