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Nude swim cala del silencio

Nudist beaches & Naturist beaches on Tenerife

This Nude beaches Map shows the location of popular nude beaches. Click the name of the beach in the left column below to highlight the location on the map.

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Evening at Playa Diego Hernandez with visitors preparing to leave. Playa Diego Hernandez beach. Hippy Bay rocks and crystal cala sea.

At the northern end of La Caleta,s sea front go up the steps to the top of the headland. This entire area is a nature reserve with outstanding rough beauty.

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The paths and trails are rough and we advise silencio footwear and not flip flops. This V shaped bay with a flattened end is mainly rocky has large areas of flat rock suitable for sunbathing.

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Anime hentai love hina nude sunbathing takes place here. Located in one of the 3 coves about 1 kilometre east of the last houses of Puerta de la Cruz.

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By car turn off the TF5 at junction 32 and head for Rincon. Head swim for the coast by passing Rincon by keeping it on your right. Del road is 1 car wide, hope nobody is coming the other way.