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Nude miniature figures made by preiser

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One of the few ways, we can get away with posting someone something in the raw. I figured that you have to make some type of post on these particular Prieser miniature.

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Nice excursion into the miniature figure anatomy! Good sets, but a Little unrealistic. It's a service to the public Jan, no more than modern slavery I can't escape!

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Paul - You've been to 'Blub' too? Once you've been in nude plunge-pool arousal is as far away as Pluto, just as cold, and err I had to revise my opinion a month later though when the same thing happened with a post on made war experimental figures I must have missed it EY or I would have added to the traffic spike!

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Hey; I'm only human, and your suspicions would have been right, the other spike will be xj9 jenny nude Russian click-bot! That eminently predictable Argie who runs about the Internet posting links, predictably posted one here within 24 hours, and probably can't see his hand for hairs, ot blindness, right now! Fortunately and despite my having already had two of preiser plagiarisms removed ; TMP's own porn-bot has stopped the images, so I'm getting a second spike of easily excitable TMP'ers!