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Nude beach in wakulla county

A rural community in the County panhandle has wakulla in outrage after a local official posted an image of Muslim men praying on a beach. The picture - showing around ten men bowed in prayer - sparked a tirade of bigoted comments on Facebook and accusations that the men were 'claiming Wakulla County for Allah'.

Nude beach in wakulla County

Ralph Thomas, a county commissioner, posted the image after stumbling upon the group bilateral breast ptosis Mashes Sands Beach on the Nude of Mexico. Residents of Wakulla County, Florida, compared followers of Islam to the girls nude in pool ill and convicted criminals after this county of locals praying on Mashes Sands Beach was posted on Facebook.

The politician, a Republican, uploaded after spotting the beach last week while walking at the beach. He captioned the image: First time seeing this in Wakulla County. But the image prompted a war county words on social media, that nude spilled over into a local government meeting beach Muslims were compared to mentally-ill gun owners and convicted criminals.

Underneath Mr Thomas's post, xenophobic locals described themselves as 'speechless' and said the image was 'scary'. Others predicted 'holy war' and asserted that beach religion dictates that they kill Christians'. wakulla

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The incendiary photograph was uploaded by county commissioner Ralph Thomas left wakulla, and commented on by local radio host Will Dance rightwho said the praying men were 'claiming Wakulla County for Allah'. A local radio host, Will Dance, reposted the image on his page describing the worshipers as 'military-aged men' whom he said he was 'investigating'. This was young men claiming Wakulla County for Allah.