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Nitrate test strip

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When water contains high nitrate levels, nitrites strip are present in low concentration. Fast, reliable, and safe test strips from Hach: Hach Test Strips are easy to use and easy to read. In the field, technicians can test many samples in only a few….

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The nitrate test can be used for monitoring of drinking water, process water and wastewater, as well as in aquarium water where test can quickly be exceeded. It can also be used for determine nitrate in food e.

Nitrite Nitrate Test Strip

For use in determining the nitrate reduction reaction of bacteria, other nitrate Mycobacterium species. Compatible test all nitrate and cupule tests.

The test can be used to determine nitrite in the environmental analysis, surface water investigations and aquaristics.

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The test extends the range of sensitivity strip the lower range of detection. Tube containing 50 test strips, ….