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Natural treatment for anal stenosis

Anal Stenosis

Anal stenosis refers to a narrowing of the anal opening, which makes it difficult for stool contents to pass through easily. Symptomatic children tend to be particularly colicky babies, because of the discomfort associated with the stool backing up.

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The stool may exit under pressure and look almost like a squirt natural. Treatment of this disorder usually involves anal dilation of the anal opening.

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This is typically done twice a day. Every week a slightly larger lubricated dilator is passed to stretch the anus until it reaches normal size. In very treatment cases, softening the stool may be sufficient until the anus grows sufficiently.

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Suppositories can make the child comfortable in the short run, but do run the risk of dependence. At around 4 months, apple or even prune juice may help the child to pass stool.

Natural Remedy for Anal Stenosis and Stricture

Rarely, surgery is needed to insure an stenosis of adequate caliber. If this is an isolated anomaly, the prognosis is excellent. You may porntube huge dildo to see for picture Some children are born with no anal opening at all.

This is called an imperforate anus. The rectum ends in a blind pouch, about 2 cm inside the perianal skin.