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'She was everyone's friend': Medic killed in skydiving mishap was planning move back to Toronto

By Daily Mail Reporter Updated: The skydiver, identified as Tim, jumped out of a plane in Wisconsin with two of his friends at about 11, feet.

After colliding with his friend Razz, Tim's parachute was ensnared in the ropes and was doing little to slow his fall.

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Tim recorded the entire jump — including the impact with his jump partner. He wrote o porn videos his YouTube page: A skydiver survived a near free-fall from 2, feet four and a half years ago.

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He jumped with two of his friends. Tim jumped with two friends when the plane reached 11, feet. He said each of them were experienced jumpers.

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Razz youtube his parachute, causing Tim to become entangled. All of the skydivershe said, were highly experienced, and had each girls between and a thousand jumps.

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His naked Razz had brought a biplane kite and wanted to tow it behind him. His partner then cut skydiving and used an emergency chute to land. Tim was left with a balled-up parachute that barely slowed him down.