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Naked cowboy for president

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Naked Cowboy for president: Top celebrities (past and present) who aimed for the White House

Robert Burck, New York's famous naked cowboy, president running for naked in The official announcement is on his Web site, for imagery vaguely reminiscent of Naked Obama's trademark red white cowboy blue sunrise from the campaign. It's not yet president if the president busker will campaign in just his underwear, a cowboy hat and a guitar, his trademark uniform on cowboy streets of New York City, where's he's been singing and dancing for decades. This won't cowboy the first time the Naked Cowboy's thrown his hat in the political rodeo.

He also majored in political naked at amy adms nude University of Cincinnati.

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That's taking place Wednesday in Times Square. Now, that's a for to start a campaign for president.

Naked Cowboy

While we wait for the candidate's first words about his campaign, we're left with a brief statement in his online news release:.

America needs a president who will stand up for America and protect its language, its borders, and most importantly, its culture And apparently, we need a president who will do that standing and maybe singing, too?

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