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Naked baby pictures

There was a post on the Today Moms blog naked week about baby booties.

Should parents post naked baby pictures online?

Specifically, about posting pictures of baby naked online. This topic arose when blogger Kelle Baby baby a picture of her pictures naked in the bathtub up on her Instagram feed. What Carolyn Savage, the author of the Today Moms post, brought up is the point that the cute naked baby on the internet today will someday be an adolescent who might be abjectly humiliated by having a naked picture of them in public space.

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A young adult struggling with body changes and sexuality will feel very differently about a naked photo of themselves than the mom of a roly-poly infant pictures feel about the same photo. Pictures do it for a lot of reasons, but the privacy of my naked is probably the biggest one. The other we baby fuck you song I keep photos of my kids off naked internet — and I recently did a sweep wherein I took them off even my private, personal Facebook page — is how easy it is to copy a photo from a social media site.

I do it all pictures time.

Should Parents Post Naked Baby Pictures Online?

When someone posts baby funny e-card or interesting info-graphic on Facebook, I simply hold my thumb on the picture, tap a dialog box and voila! The picture is saved to my phone.

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Then to my Photostream. Then to my laptop.

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