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My nudist story

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My name is Bobby and in this story I am My family has always been pretty modest. If my younger brother Bradley he's 13 or I came out of our room wearing just our boxers, mother would promptly tell us to put on a robe.

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My mother and sisters Pam, age 17 and Paula, story 19, always wore nudist robe over their nightgowns and my Dad wore pajamas when he wasn't fully dressed. My brother and I shared a room and would change in front of each other but it was just us boys.

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This all changed this summer when my oldest sister came home nudist college. Paula arrived home late in the afternoon on a typical hot and humid day in June.

After the family helped her move her suitcases and boxes of school stuff story her story upstairs, she declared that she needed a shower. Mother shooed us out of her room and nudist downstairs to start making dinner.

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The rest of us followed her downstairs to watch some TV. About 10 minutes later I got the surprise of my life. From my seat on the den sofa I saw Paula walking into the kitchen completely naked.