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Monty sopp a gay wrestler

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What to get Billy and Chuck for a wedding present? First the New York Times wedding pages went all-inclusive, and now this: The gay newlyweds of the moment are championship tag-team wrestlers who planned to exchange vows in a fake commitment ceremony Tuesday night during World Wrestling Entertainment's weekly "Smackdown.

It was a whirlwind engagement: In front of God and everybody last week in an arena in Green Bay, Wrestler.

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Billy wept with joy, and accepted. Two and a half millennia after the Greeks first grappled with the curious homoerotic aura of wrestling, Billy and Chuck have spent the current WWE season overtly flirting with one another -- delighting the audience and sopp their opponents with their blooming togetherness.

Gay fuels their powerful rampage.

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It's hard to know if the audience loves them back or cringes at the sight of them; perhaps both. The Billy-Chuck story monkeywrenches much of what people presume to know about middle America, homophobia, showbiz and machismo. But which one's Billy and which one's Chuck?

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You cannot say Chuck is the blond one, because they both have brightly peroxided hair and big, glistening muscles and matching red tights. It's that monty clone-couple dilemma: