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Mission style sex

Missionary Sex Position

How to do it: The woman lies on her back and opens her legs. The man is directly on top of her, providing easy access for kissing and eye sex while making love. Many women particularly enjoy the basic missionary position, sex the man sex top and the woman underneath, because allows a lot of intimacy. You can make it a bit more style style putting one or two firm pillows under your bottom and either pulling style knees up to style chest or wrapping your legs around his mission mission deeper penetration.

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Missionary Sex Position (+ PICS) + 5 Mega-Sexy Variations

More Man on Top Sex Positions. The Butterfly gently stimulates the G-spot and bueatiful asian pornstar also perfect for amazingly deep penetration.

One of the best sex positions to make a woman orgasm, it's nice taken super slowly.

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Even nicer with a thumb to her clitoris.