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Metro ass bacwards full movie

Ass Backwards is a purposefully uncomfortable ride extreme anal sex videos follows two best friends—Kate and Chloe—as they attempt and consistently fail to get somewhere with their lives. The road-trip buddy comedy follows the two as they deal with internal and external road blocks on their way back to their hometown. June Diane Raphael and Casey Wilson co-wrote full co-star in the film as Kate and Chloe, respectivelyand their acting skills shine.

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The Adobe Flash Player is required for video playback. Their movie are spiraling downward, but they love themselves, and bacwards another. It has some hilarious moments and many groan-worthy moments as most comedies do. Metro value it very much for ass it is, however: For all of its flaws, the writers took risks and gave us a comedy that receives an off-the-charts score on the Bechdel Test.


And there are some great moments in Ass Backwards. When Kate looks pained by the memory, Chloe consoles her: They are simply confused; why would they need that? As they set out on their road trip, there are plenty of hiccups.

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