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Normally encouraging Mariska Hargitay discussion nude be the last thing I hargitay want to do around here, but I do watch SVU sometimes, and all I could think when watching this tonight is: SVU regularly goes for the cheap shock, tits boobs and breasts this is the first time I've mariska watched an episode and said, "OK, this is over the line. Why not chop up a couple of puppies just to let us know nude stakes were high?

Or did they figure the scene minutes of the guard trying to thrust his toxic dong between her lips would suffice? In the past I've rolled my scene at scene of the show mariska sex abuse porn, but my pearls are now fully clutched.

Even more disappointing, I somehow gleaned from the five seconds of the promo I saw that Meloni was hargitay undercover in the prison, so that was a double letdown.

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What do you think happens mariska a lesbian starts a new Mariska thread? The lesbians in general and the Mariskatwits in particular aren't exactly welcome here on DL. The reason there is no thread is because most people know every Mariska thread turns into a reply deeley with debates about whether she's gay or not.

I predict this one will too.

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I heard she brought Peter along to the set when they filmed those scenes, scene protect her from nude she called mariska lesbionic inmate extras". Nude, when Mariska re-negotiated her contract last year, she demanded that she would be written into at least one women's ward shower scene a year.

Makes ya think, doesn't? It was a decent episode, but I hate when they spend the whole hour with the police and hargitay don't get any taylor stevens huge tits drama. I know you cunts hate her, but she did a great job last night.