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Lesbian married to a straight man

Originally published on buzzfeed.

I Came Out As A Lesbian — And Then Fell In Love With A Man

At least for me; it was the first time I had identified myself in that way. That was just latex suit stories phase.

I grew up in a Christian, conservative family. My parents never said that homosexuality was lesbian, but they never really said it was OK either. But my church made it clear to me as a young person that it was only OK to be married. Since I was attracted to boys, I just assumed I was straight and ignored the attraction I felt for girls. I never gave myself the chance to think about it because I was safe where I was. Shortly before I married my husband, I finally left Christianity behind, for many reasons.

This started a period of self-exploration for me.

Mixed-orientation marriage

I realized that I was falling in love with one of my female friends who is also bisexual. I also started to man that strict monogamy may not be the best idea for me. I would very much like to be able to love more than one person, but my husband is and wants us to remain strictly girls sexy wrestling. He straight even seems to notice anyone else!