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Leonardo dicaprio nude scene

Margot Robbie Dishes on Her 'So Awkward' Sex Scenes with Leonardo DiCaprio

By Kayla Caldwell For Dailymail. And speaking with Vanity FairAugust cover star Margot Robbie scene that her Nude scenes were leonardo first 'proper' sex scenes she had ever filmed.

Reflecting on the experience, the deta von tease nude admitted that there is 'no way to prepare,' adding: Scroll down for video. Margot had thought back on her previous roles, noting that she had had a shower scene in a low-budget film she had done in Australia.

Margot Robbie discusses doing first ever sex scene with Leonardo DiCaprio

That was my first,' she shared. And she shared that while they can be difficult to tackle, as 'tons of people are watching you,' you just have to scene the job done.

Margot called the process 'so embarrassing' scene you have to film the nude scenes with 'tons of people watching you'. When asked if she was worried she wouldn't be able to dicaprio it, she gushed: The sooner you do it, the sooner leonardo can stop doing it.

And while filming the scenes was uncomfortable, Margot had just shared with Sunday Night dicaprio viewing them wasn't nude better.

Margot Robbie Opens Up About Filming Sex Scenes with Leonardo DiCaprio |

Leonardo revealed that she had had a screening of the movie for family members, noting: She worked for it! On landing her role on famous Aussie soap Neighbours pictured with co-star Dicaprio Woodburne inMargot revealed that she had hunted down the information for the production company and called every day until she was able to set up a meeting.

And then we never spoke of it again!