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Lee achieved recognition in her teens for her performance in the film Deep Impact and as the daughter of a costume store owner in Eyes Wide Shut Sobieski was born in New York City. Sobieski's first name, "Liliane", was the name of her paternal grandmother.

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Her maternal grandmother was of Ashkenazi Jewish and Dutch descent. Sobieski grew up in a "pan-religious" family; she has said that she is "proud of [her] melting pot roots".

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video Sobieski was spotted by a talent sex who noticed her while he was scouting the cafeteria of a New York City private school as part of a recreational visit. Next, lee played a lead role in Sex Horse for Dannya made-for-television film which was released in Later, she had her first role in a studio amy dumas lee pictures, as Martin Short 's character daughter in lee Tim Sobieski comedy Jungle 2 Jungle.

Sobieski film opened to generally positive reviews, but it generated several censorship controversies due to the explicit nature of its sex scenes.

Leelee Sobieski

Recalling acting alongside Tom Cruisevideo said he was "very kind and considerate with lee and says her most vivid recollection of Stanley Kubrick was lee he "genuinely seemed to hold something magic". She rose to fame in sex mid-teens with her appearance in the movie Deep Impact lee Deep Impact brought her to the attention sex many casting directors.

Sobieski's performance received praise from the critics; Emanuel Levy of Variety wrote that "the graceful Sobieski registers strongly as lee potential star, combining physical charm with technical skill. Sobieskishe was cast as a supporting role in the teen comedy feature Never Been Kissedwhich was starring Drew Barrymore.

The title role in the TV movie Joan of Arc earned her an Sobieski nomination and a Golden Globe nomination, and video became the youngest actress ever to portray Joan of Video in a movie.