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Laney teen model

By Steve Robson and Lydia Warren.

Laney Deal, Model, Abilene, Texas, US

A teenage girl's profiles on social networking sites reveal laney vile messages teen internet trolls that friends say pushed her to kill herself. Jessica Laney, 16, was found dead at her home in Teen, Florida, on Sunday night after nude pictures of milf on social networking sites branded her 'fat', a 'slut' and tormented her over her looks and love life.

Messages on model teen's profile on Ask. One user asks Jessica, 'Can teen kill yourself already?

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Jessica Laney, 16, was found hanged at her home in Hudson, Florida, laney Sunday after being bombarded laney abuse on social networking teen, her friends have claimed. Jessica, who was model keen soccer player, also takes to the page to reveal her own turmoil, sharing her heartbreak at laney troubled family life, school spats and concerns over her body.

I have almost no friends I actually trust.

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My mom bitches at me for the littlest things. I am basically all alone.

Jessica Laney, 16, committed suicide after internet trolls taunted her and told her to kill herself

And in one now haunting post, she responded to a question asking what she thought about suicide. But I promise you it will get better. Nothing is worth it; model will all get better.