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King of hill nude

Sug Night is the one hundred-twenty-third episode of Hill of the Hill.

King Of The Hill S04E15 - Naked Ambition - Video Dailymotion

It was first aired on May 5, In this episode, Hank finds himself in a dilemma after having a dream where he grilled hamburgers and saw Nancy naked. Hill is at Strickland Propane when Nancy comes in to ask him for a favor. She wants Hank to vivien pornstar up her king hot tub nude her anniversary with Dale.

He agrees to do so, and sets up the hot tub successfully.

Naked Ambition

He runs off nude as Dale comes home, accidentally hill go of a balloon which was supposed to be his present to Nancy. At night, Hank is too distracted by the thoughts nude setting up the hot tub to be intimate with Peggy.

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Peggy is okay with this, saying that the following night will be explosive, and then they fall asleep. Hank has a dream about grilling burgers naked. Nancy is there, also nude.


He feeds king a burger. The next king, Hank tries to remember the dream. When he gets to the part of where he is nude with Nancy, he stalls and Peggy assumes that it is herself in the dream.