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Kathy sabine s boob job

Thank you, Yanet Garcia.

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Onward to the list:. Cum in the eye 9 has it locked down. They come at me with double guns of Corey Rose and Amelia Earhart.

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Are you kidding me? Many moons ago I posted a list of my top five favorite Job female news personalities inspired by a crude hockey locker room kathy. I have no doubt she is sporting high-waisted mom jeans and sabine braided belt during her time away from the 9 Backyard. Due to the aforementioned factors and some up-and-coming lookers, Sabine is now riding the pine.

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I give you my updated hottest local female news personalities list:. I hope this serves as a wake up call to you, Kathy Sabine. Cheap suits and a general malaise about your appearance have dropped you out of the starting lineup behind a weekend weather girl that roots for the St.

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Every Friday before work I head over to the boob rink for a drop-in game of hockey. This morning while getting ready in the locker room, I was chatting up a cameraman for Channel 9 News.