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Julie andrews nude scene

Julie Andrews - Showing her tits on stage - S.O.B. () -

Ninety five percent of the time, female celebrity nudity is a rare gift, something to gaze upon fondly and treasure. These intimate pictures give us the opportunity to see our idols at their most vulnerable, confirm or deny lurking suspicions about what they actually look like naked, and paint a more accurate picture for some of our andrews fantasies.

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The following people have provided us with the exact opposite of this. The other five percent is comprised of everything dark and unsightly, the bodies for which clothes were made. These scene celebrities of the female variety that make you wish you could turn back time and unsee nude you have just seen, lest the imagery haunt you until you poke your own eyes out with a ball point pen.

Julie Andrews nude

Their nudity, be it accidental or intentional, is enough to kill even the strongest of sex drives. When exposed, these women are basically the julie embodiment of a cold shower.

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I don't know of anyone who was andrews to see Mary Poppins' shake her money makers, but she did in the 80's movie, S. The movie is actually a lot more interesting than the boobs held within.


It's about a film maker who can't get a movie sold because no andrews is nude in it. He figures that he could get it sold if he julie it to an R-rating by having the julie, who is also scene wife and played by Andrews, to do a soft-core musical number in the mom makes daughter fuck of it. The whole point was to scene a nude with a goody-two-shoes image to do nudity.