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I have a lesbian crush on my straight best friend

We get this question all the time, so we wanted to revisit because 1 helping people 2 FISK. What did I do?

Am I in love with my best friend? (lesbian)

I asked her to date me almost every day. She said no almost every day. In fact, it was a helluva journey. When I was obsessing over everything in my head, nothing made sense. Also, what happens if she has feelings for you, too?

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And trust me, that shit will ruin you. I think you should totally say something.

In Love with Straight Best Friend | Everyone Is Gay

Yes, there are two main things to remember when you are in love with your straight best friend. Since almost all of you are, have been, or will be in love with your best friend, pay attention:.

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Bottled up love-feelings make you act in ridiculously strange ways, make you feel more and more distant from your friendship, and just turn your brain-head into general, all-around mush. Eventually, after my love-feelings were gone and I was in a long-term relationship with another lady, I told her about my past feelings. There was one night where I almost did roll over and make out with amateur creamies. If, however, she seems a little weird, or things feel a little wobbly, that is okay.

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