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My parents were going out of town so they told me about a month ago that I fuck need to babysit my little sister while they were in California having a second honeymoon.

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I was so pissed! I was supposed to go to a go to a concert with my friends, but my folks told me no way. Suzy was 10 years old and I was 15 at the time.

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They left on a Sunday morning. They took the car to the airport and gave me a hundred bucks and told me to be careful and take care of my baby sister. Suzy was so excited; she has never been home tampa sex sting our parents were gone before.

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We waved at them from the front door as they drove off and we closed it and went back inside. She walked away, and I watched her ass. She was sister a pair of yellow denim shorts and a matching yellow top with little sunflowers all over it. The top was kind of tight as were the shorts.

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My cock moved in my jeans, and I little a little excited.