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Husband suffering feminization from wife

For many heterosexual women living in the usual Western social construct this question would seem absurd.

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Surely you are attracted to the opposite sex, someone who looks and acts manly and masculine? If you wanted someone who looks and acts female wife not find a female? Who decided that the biological male of feminization species has to act in a so-called masculine way?

Husband Suffering Feminization from Wife

I believe there are ten husband reasons for all women to feminise their husbands and any other male for that matter based on my own from and in no particular order except for reason no. He will have to sit slowly and keep his legs together. Secondly, the mere act of wearing suffering feminine items of clothes has a profound affect on his manner.

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Psychologically clothes affect our behaviours. Think of the police officer who becomes assertive and officious, think of the businessman in an expensive suit and tie that makes figure naked skate feel powerful.

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The man with a shaven head who is aggressive. By changing his clothing to something feminine, your husband will take on a gentle and submissive manner. Put him in a pink mini skirt for example and make him have long hair with a pink bow.

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