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How to stop dog from peeing on car wheels

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Dogs are full of behaviors that seem weird to us humans. However, most of these behaviors do have some logic behind them.

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One weird habit many owners have observed in their dogs, especially in male dogs, is peeing on car tires. Why do dogs do this?

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Not all male dogs lift their leg to pee, but the ones that do usually begin doing so once they reach sexual maturity, between 6 and 9 months of age. Peeing serves multiple important purposes for dogs, and elimination is just one of them.

Dog urine contains communicative hormones. When your dog pees, it's kind of like a calling card to other dogs — "I was here.

Why Do Dogs Pee On Car Tires?

Why Do Dogs Chase Cars? Peeing also serves to mark their territoryletting other dogs know, among other things, christina fernandez upskirt photos last dog who marked a given spot. For these reasons, many dogs like to pee on vertical objects, like fire hydrants, telephone poles, and, yes, car tires.

In her book Canine Behavior: