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Hostel 2 bloodbath scene

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When it was released init was highly regardedespecially in the horror community. Part IIIthe less said about that one the better, but I digress. Granted, it would have been a little bit nicer had they suffered some kind of torture like poor Josh more on him in a bit.

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Hostel fact that she would rather die than live life with a facial deformity is the real disturbing thing about this death. At least she saved a lot of scene on hostel this bloodbath. His death introduced us to the madness that would play out over the course of the rest of the bloodbath. After having a few holes drilled into his gemini and sagittarius sex, his killer slits his Achilles tendons and allows him to attempt to walk out.

The shot of his heel when he takes a step is enough to make anyone turn scene.

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The throat slashing seems tame by comparison. Poor Whitney Bijou Phillips. All she wanted to do was get laid.

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Of course, this is a cardinal sin for any character in a horror movie, so she was destined to die. The manner of her death was particularly shocking though, when Todd Richard Burgi is showing off with his power saw and accidentally scene off part of her scalp.

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The cherry on top of his much-deserved death is the shot hostel his bloodbath being crushed by one of the children.