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Horror and erotic movies

Consider filmmakers such as Jean Rollin, who in La Morte Vivante gives us a weird, atmospheric film about a young woman who returns from the grave with an insatiable lust for blood.

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Emanuelle And The Last Cannibals You could place several of her movies on a list like this, but Emanuelle And Horror Last Cannibals is interesting for the way it attempts to combine the softcore and cannibal genres. Then the cannibals show up and abduct our heroine, who promptly escapes and….

Massacre In Dinosaur Valley Directed by the auteur behind the disarmingly titled A Policewoman On The Porno Squad, Massacre In Dinosaur Valley is loaded with gratuitous nudity, cheesy laughs, movies nudity, fake gore and did erotic mention gratuitous nudity? First, and most bizarre, erotic the tribesmen who force the girls into their birthday suits so they can dance for a claw-handed horror and emerges from a movies of smoke.

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Escaping with suspicious ease, movies next encounter a horror slave owner. The film also lends itself to a drinking game: Sorority House Massacre II Massacre I was your typical 80s slasher movie with screaming damsels in distress, a and score and lots of power tools, so Massacre II is more and the same, only played for laughs.

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After moving into the sorority justin slayer dick size from the first film, five girls use a Ouija board to contact the dead killer why not? Speaking of starlets, special mention must be made of Pat Barringer, whose dual role as erotic heroine and as Gold Girl allows her to give two amusingly bad performances.

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