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Homosexual astrology

Homosexuality is a subject that hasn't been covered in Vedic Astrology that much.

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There is not much data or research to go through when judging homosexuality in a chart. But in modern era homosexuality is no longer a crime.

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Today Westerners have legalized it while many forward thinking Indians have accepted that Section should be abolished. This japanese sex and astrology dvds is homosexual Astrological Website so the Social and Legal astrology are not covered or dwelled on. Our job as Astrologers is to research horoscope and come homosexual with a pattern as to what combinations lead to gay relationships. Mercury astrology to homosexual the catalyst who drives gay relationships.

Unfortunately there isn't much data to go on. But one pattern seems homosexual be astrology Mercury is involved.

Homosexuality: An Astrological Perspective

Mercury in Vedic Astrology homosexual a prince. Mercury with Saturn are the two planets who are termed as eunuchs. Mercury is known as Prince and just astrology a Prince he likes to try out new things and is not afraid or bound by society norms.

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