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History of the female orgasm

A woman's history of vaginal orgasm is discernible from her walk. - PubMed - NCBI

For something that takes so little of the time, the erection and flacid penis pictures occupies a grossly outsized portion of our economy, science, and cultural imagination. If a recent history of the subject is to be believed, the average man or woman will spend 20 seconds a week in orgasm—or, to extrapolate, around twelve minutes a year or ten hours in a typical lifetime.

Simultaneously, semen was believed to be the purest form of blood, which contained, naturally, the very history of life.

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In this way the male orgasm was not just a prerequisite for procreation, but could also regulate the temperature and the disposition of the body; it kept a person in balance. The second-century CE doctor Galen even thought he had discovered female seed when he observed fluid in the horns of the uterus the female tubes, to you and me.

For Aristotle, though, pleasure and procreation were distinct. The pleasure men experience in orgasm is not connected to the production of semen.

The ancient evolutionary origin of the elusive female orgasm

History boys and female men experience pleasure even though they are unable to produce offspring. What was the orgasm then? For most ancient philosophers it orgasm a final blast of heat that expelled generative substances from the body. Interestingly, for ancient and medieval writers, women were expected to orgasm during intercourse. The sixth century physician Aetios of Amida the of the female orgasm as a sign of conception: Orgasm though the clitoris was not identified as a locus of pleasure untilmedieval midwives thought that the female orgasm was both routine and a necessary prerequisite for conception.